Byron Bay Natural Medicine consultations offer a range of naturopathic services and treatments including:

  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Nutritional Medicine
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Flower essences
  • Homeopathics
  • Pathology Test Analysis
  • Functional Pathology testing
  • Iridology

Naturopathic Advice

Naturopathic medicine provides a holistic approach to health care. Integrating modern scientific evidence based diagnostics with evidence based natural medicines gives the opportunity to improve any health condition. Naturopathy and natural medicine healthcare includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flower essences, homeopathics, modification to diet and lifestyle choices, either as individual treatments or complementary combinations.

Natural medicines are an effective treatment for acute or chronic health conditions. Treatments work at a steady, gentle pace, which may take longer than the stronger pharmaceutical medicine options, but with minimal side effects.

Nutritional advice

  • Diet diary analysis
  • Supplement regimes
  • Pathology analysis, e.g. blood tests for iron, zinc, Vitamin D, copper, Vitamin B12, Folate, etc
  • Macronutrient advice
  • Micronutrient advice

Are you eating the right diet for you?

Are your food choices making you unwell?

Do you have food intolerance?

Does your diet suit your body type?

Does your diet enhance or hinder your lifestyle choices?

How much is your diet affecting your overall health?

Do you have nutrient deficiencies such as low iron, zinc, B12?

Are nutrient deficiencies causing your chronic illness?

These and many more questions are covered in naturopathic consultations. Make an appointment today!

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has a history of use that spans back thousands of years. Western herbal medicine practices have an origin of European tradition that dates back to the 4th century BC. Modern practices of prescribing western herbal medicines have modified their traditional use to incorporate the philosophical and practical principles of science. Scientific evidence has confirmed many of the traditional uses of herbal medicines and in some studies, compared their use to pharmaceutical ¬†alternatives. Often, the herbal medicine option of treatment provides the patient with the same improvement of symptoms, but without severe side effects. Many health conditions may benefit from the use of western herbal medicines, including gastrointestinal dysfunction, hormonal dysregulation, women’s health, men’s health, infertility, coughs, colds, irritated skin conditions and much more.

Western herbal medicines may be taken orally as liquid, powder, capsule or tablet.

Supplement advice

Supplements vary in formula, dosage, quality of ingredients and price. The quality of ingredients, either herbal or nutritional (such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc), can be affected by the origin of the raw product (where the herb was grown, including country, soil, quality of air, climate, etc), how it was grown, harvested, treated, manufactured and packaged. Testing different brands of the same ingredient can produce markedly different results. Byron Bay Natural Medicine offers expert advice on a broad range of supplement brands and the quality of their ingredients. Stock brands include Bioceuticals, Mediherb, Fusion, Flordis, Nutrition Care, Eagle, Blackmores, BioMedica, Orthoplex and many more.

Flower essences

An ancient holistic therapy, the flower remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the late 1920s are a safe, natural way of dealing with the negative emotions that he believed were a cause of disease. Drawing on the innate healing powers of specific wild flowers, the remedies help to harmonise the individual and bring healing.